A safe, comfortable, boarding cattery in tranquil Midlothian countryside, five miles south of Edinburgh


"If cats had boutique hotels, we’d like to think Meadowhill would be a five – star one."


Meadowhill Cattery has four bright blocks of five pens. Each looks out over our peaceful, leafy garden.

Our guests are cosily installed indoors, but with plenty of light and fresh country air. The best of both worlds.

Depending on your cat’s needs and personality, we offer plenty of toys and activities – the personal touch.


Each of our guests stays in a PVCu pen. They have a raised sleeping area, a snooze shelf and a ground-level run to roam.

The bedroom apartment is double-glazed. It benefits from a specially-designed cat radiator that’s thermostatically controlled, so it’s always snug.

The cats sleep on veterinary bedding – a blend of woven and synthetic fabrics that quickly absorbs liquid, while staying soft and warm. Perfect to curl up on.


Our boarders are protected by sneeze barriers between the pens. The pens themselves are thoroughly cleaned with a veterinary disinfectant, and the stainless steel food and water bowls replaced every day.

And we use scented wood-based cat litter, which is easy to keep fresh.


Each of our blocks has a secure safety corridor. It’s single accommodation, with no risk of contact (though if you have two inseparable cats, there’s plenty of room for them to board together).

Our premises are covered by CCTV and the cat pen doors are alarmed at night.

‘My cat would rather live at Meadowhill than at home. Faultless.’

Contact Us

2 Brewer’s Bush,
Cockpen Road,
EH19 3JH

01875 821406

Opening Hours

Mon – Fri 10am – 2:30pm
Sat & Sun 10am – 12pm